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Gil Jacobs Masterclass on Deep Tissue Cleansing

In 1981 Gil was poisoned with hydrochloric acid that ravaged his internal organs and nearly killed him. After almost giving up on hope of recovery he found a path of natural healing focused on “deep tissue cleansing”. 

He became a Woods Gravity colon hydrotherapist in 1989 and has since performed almost 70,000 treatments. Working from the bathrooms of various NYC apartments that include luxury high-rises and East Village tenements, Gil Jacobs has tested and refined his approach for decades.

Eliminating the Toxic Load with Michael Perrine

In this 3 1/2 hour course we explore the foundational principles and practices that flush accumulated toxicity from our bodies. With over 85,000 chemical listed under the Toxic Substances Control Act and the food culture becoming more and more unnatural our inherent detoxification systems struggle to clear the toxic load of modern living.

Michael Perrine is a detoxification consultant, certified colon hydro-therapist, certified holistic health counselor and the owner of Ashland Gravity Colonics and Vitality NYC. Over the last 22 years, Michael has performed over 25,000 colonic irrigations and supervised thousands of people through various methods of internal cleansing including fasting, colon cleansing and liver flushing. Michael has also studied nutritional science and diet philosophy at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Food & Health and The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. He is also the host of the EveryDay Detox Podcast.