Biological Toxicity

Biological Toxicity

Although human beings are omnivores our digestive anatomy favors a dominance of natural plant foods. Finding ourselves at the top of the food chain with an abundance of meats, dairy products, grains and sugars has created an imbalance in our food cultures across the world. The presence of greasy animal fats, processed oils, refined carbohydrates, isolated sugars and alcohol has increased in our diets generationally. This imbalanced and unnatural way of eating has clogged our arteries, liver and intestines leading to complete cellular congestion and breakdown.

We can see this through the colonoscopy footage of Dr. Hiromi Shinya where he shows the relationship between retained waste, food choices and disease. That video is shown later in the course. 

As food choices leave residue throughout the channels of the body it not only creates physical encumbrances, but begins to decompose (ferment and putrefy) changing the inner ecosystem allowing yeast, pathogenic bacteria and parasites to thrive. This decomposition also releases toxic waste gasses that can permeate into the bloodstream and tissue. 

We should note that it’s not only animal foods that need balancing and assistance through the body, but processed vegan foods like fake cheeses and meats can also be challenging to pass. 

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