Core Principle #3 - Vitality = Pressure - Obstruction

Core Principle #3 - Vitality = Pressure - Obstruction

This is the most misunderstood concept in Nutritional Detox. Most approaches and products focus on putting things in the body to get results. Professor Arnold Ehret, a pioneer in the pursuit of cleansing sciences, recognized that removing waste from the body was the most important and primary order of business. He discovered that most symptoms are caused by retained waste in the body as a result of poor diet and industrial pollution.

His foundational detox formula is V=P–O.



Our life force; uninhibited flow; peak state; when everything is working at its best and we

experience life at its highest physical potential. A disease- and ailment-free state.


The pressure system between the gasses and fluids within our body; the exchange of oxygen

and nutrients into the cells; and the respiration of wastes out.


Anything biological or chemical that binds, clogs or otherwise affects the open channels within

the body and prevents flow. This can occur on a macro level in the intestines, sinuses, lungs

and arteries or on a micro level within the individual cells. Excess meat, dairy products, refined

flour, heavy metals, residue from smoke and industrial pollution are all obstructing elements.

Whether you’re looking to clear your complexion, shed excess weight or tackle something

more serious, the underlying approach should be to open the channels of elimination and

remove any form of obstruction. This is done by consistently eating cleansing foods, hydrating,

resting and using tools like colonics, saunas, breath work and cold immersion.

Once our underlying approach is rooted in this concept we can magnify the effects that the micro nutrients will have in our bodies.

Cellular diffusion Images:

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